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    This blog post is one that I’ve been eager to write and stumped as to where to start in equal measure. Remaining positive while facing your worst nightmare isn’t something that comes naturally to me, as all. I prefer to catastrophise and panic. But very slowly, I have learnt to take a little more control over my mindset. And the relief that I have felt from this has been immeasurable.

  2. Written by Hannah Cooper

    woman-stressOver the last week we’ve been trying to plan the summer hols and the appointment dates of our next cycle; which ones I can go to alone, which Rob will need to take me to etc. He then starts to tell me about a conversation he had with his boss (she hasn’t been his boss for long and is, apparently, a bit officious) about what time off he could have.

  3. Our Story


    Written by Hannah Cooper

    First blog post. This seemed like as a good place to start as any. I love hearing about how others found their way into the crazy world of IVF so I hope you enjoy reading ours. If it’s not your cup of tea feel free to skip past and have a look at one of the other posts, I won’t be offended. Grab a cuppa, get comfy and try to stay awake, this is a looooong one.