15th January 2019

Fertility add-ons not proven to increase chances and need more transparency - I don't think anyone is really surprised at this, it's such a grey area that plays on the desperation of the patients. Cruel and we now know, unneccessary.

14th January 2019

Huge congratulations to IVF Babble and the Fertility Network for their amazing work on getting this to No 10! 102,000 signatures on the #Scream4IVF campaign to end the postcode lottery of NHS funded treatments. Well done everyone!

6th January 2019

Are supplements a waste of time? I don't think I know anyone who hasn't taken one supplement or another to try and boost their chances. Are we being duped?

4th January 2019

A step too far? I just about managed to get my husband to agree to wearing loose boxers. I'm not sure I could have convinced him to give this a try? Will we see it advertised on the back of Sunday supplements any time soon?

13th December 2018

A quarter of patients were not happy with their treatment experience.... 

Article from FNUK about HFEA state of the fertility sector report and survey.

16th September 2018

Nothing too scientific here but an easy read maybe for those starting out on their ttc journey 

Fertility myths unpicked...

Male factor injustices in fertility treatment - why do fertility treatments continue to revolve around women when more than half of fertility issues are said to relate to male factors?

January 7th 2019

An end to the IVF postcode lottery? I'll believe it when I see it ...


January 7th 2019

Thank you Michelle Obama for opening up and discussing fertility treatment. Letting more of the world know more about it can only be a good thing. Each time I see IVF in the news I'm encouraged to think that taboos will decrease and people will feel more able to talk about it. I already thought Michelle Obama was great. Now she's going statospheric in my view.


January 7th 2019

Are couples having fertility treatment to blame for the adoption crisis? It seems some seem to think so..... this one might make your blood boil but link below if you want to read on.....

August 3rd 2018

IVF turned 40 last week. Happy 40th Louise Brown! - who I think did a marvellous job flying the flag this week. This filled me with a wave of emotions; I'm astounded at the miracles performed by IVF, I'm proud to be a part of this amazing community (that no one really wants to join), I'm emotional thinking about what IVF has given us, what it has also taken away and the person it has made me today. I know, for definite, that I would be a different person had infertility not come into my life. And then there is frustration... 40 years! 40 years of this shit! And nationally we still only get about 36% success rates?! I'm interested to know how this compares to developments in other areas of medicine, and whether IVF has been left behind. It does feel like any advances are passed on to those who can afford it such as the use of embryoscopes. The articles all made for interesting reading though, and it was an emotional week for many. And that picture, what a beauty!

August 3rd 2018

Radio 4 has done some work recently promoting awareness of fertility issues. I've found some better than others but I thought I'd pop them on here incase you missed them. Sophie Sulehria did, in my opinion, a great series of short episodes. Easy to digest, hard hitting, some tricky to listen to but very well done.


I also listened to #blessed. A longer radio play about a couple on egg collection day. I didnt enjoy this as much, didn't feel it was written by someone who had been through/got a real understanding of fertility treatment but give it a listen, you may well think differently!


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June 29th 2018

Public Health England published a survery this week about reproductive health concerns in women aged 16-64 and how this changed over time. It makes for interesting reading, most of it rang true with me. I was, however, surprised to read how many women don't use regular contraception (it made me think of all the years that I was told to take the pill at exactly the same time each day or it was odds on I would get pregnant....). A third of respondents reported severe reproductive health symptoms in the last 12 months (including), most of which affected their ability to carry out daily activities. Here's hoping that this research highlights the devastating impact these issues can have and how often women's reproductive health is devalued. We shouldn't have to remain so silent about it. A GP recently told a friend of mine, who was having dreadful physical and emotional problems linked to  her reproductive health, that in no way did she have to put up with this anymore, and she needn't just accept it as one of those things. It sounded simple but so often it's how women are left feeling.